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How to become a teacher

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This is an opportunity to earn money while sharing your knowledge. You get paid monthly through PayPal or any other means you prefer. If you currently don't have a PayPal account, please go ahead and create one. One of the greatest things about selling an online course is that you help people learn new skills, advance their careers, and explore their hobbies by sharing your knowledge while you get paid for doing so.
TechaVilly is based in the United States of America and must conform to certain tax obligations to the U.S government. Need not to worry, we've partnered with certain tax companies and CPAs to make the process easier for you as an Instructor. All instructions must be followed regardless of your country of citizenship. Please refer to the Instructor's Term page for payment policy.
You start with your passion and knowledge. Then choose a topic and plan your lectures. Make sure your video is saved in mp4 format or embedded link. Note that we don't load videos directly on out platform. You need to create your Vimeo account or Youtube. For the YouTube account, you need to list your video as unlisted to make it private, then copy the link and past on your lesson pages. Same with Vimeo account. You can send a mail to for more support if you need to use Techavilly's video account. You need the right tools to upload your course(s) online. We have a demo video to help you create and sell your course easily. The demo will be sent to you via email once you complete your "Become a Teacher" registration.