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Why TechaVilly?

TechaVilly is a marketplace for course creators and students. If you are looking for a tech course or tutorial to get you started with your career. Our Courses are self-paced. Once you sign up for a course on our platform, you can take the course at your pace and at the comfort of your home.
To sign up as a learner, simply register with the register button on the home page and login to start taking your course(s) thereafter. To sign up as a teacher, go to the home page and click on the "Be a Teacher" link to get started.
You get paid monthly through your PayPal account or Stripe account. If you currently don't have one, please go ahead and create an account with any of the payment platforms. Visit the "Be a Teacher"s page to learn more about your payments and conditions.
If you are getting errors for password reset, send a mail to or

Making Courses

Once you sign up as a teacher, you'll be able to see your dashboard with your analytics and all the buttons you need to create and load your courses. Make sure you select the right video format for your lesson videos. You can also copy your video links from your vimeo or YouTube account, but make sure you save the lesson videos as "unlisted" else, everyone will have access to your lesson videos for free. However, we recommend that all videos are hosted on our cloud account to reduce having heavy videos on the website. Be free to email us via for more information about this.
Simply go to your profile and click on "My Purchases", you will see all your courses there.
Yes, you can enroll for as many courses as you desire. Once you enroll successfully, all your courses will be save on your profile under "my Purchases"
If you have any system or IT related issues, send a mail to If your concern is based on general issues, send a mail to

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